Motorcycle headlights are not bright enough? To modify it


A motorcycle on the street whispered, the deep and stea […]

A motorcycle on the street whispered, the deep and steady voice, the stylish and full-bodied appearance, and the fully armed protective gear of the Moyou, simply handsome and helpless, enviable.

A wide road, driving a motorcycle to go for a ride, wearing a street, the alley. Go to the coast to feel the blue of the sea; go to the prairie, watch the flocks of cattle and sheep, breathe the boundless grass and grass; go to the mountains, shuttle through the mountains, experience the thrill of Panshan Road, the stalwart of the mountains; go to the snowy plateau, Touching the snow in summer, this may be the lifestyle pursued by many fans.

Of course, we advocate safety first, cherish life, drive with caution, obey the traffic rules, and carefully drive the ship for thousands of years.

After many fans bought a beloved motorcycle, they felt that the original motorcycle headlights were not bright enough, which affected the visibility of the night riding. They wanted to modify the headlights with higher brightness. Some motorcycle original headlights are not bright enough, dim low light, not far from the distance, seriously affecting the safety of night riding.

Motorcycle light
Sometimes, at night, I will encounter some drivers who like to drive the high beam. The Moyou is glazed in front of the high beam, and nothing can be seen. This time is also very dangerous. I believe that the fans who have been riding at night have encountered this kind of situation and suffered from it. This is indeed the case. When there is no pedestrian or car on the opposite side, how to open the high beam light, when the opposite person comes, you should switch immediately. Lights ensure safe driving of each other.

Car high beam

Sometimes the driver who came across the high beam light came across the street. The author kept switching back and forth in the high beam and low beam to indicate, but the driver of the opposite high beam did not pay attention to it. Maybe the author's motorcycle headlights are not bright enough. . For the driver who likes to drive the high beam at any time and place, he only has to make a decision. He must make up his mind to modify a super bright headlight to deal with the driver of the high beam.

Car high beam

Therefore, when we are driving at night, we basically use low beam lights. When it is necessary to use high beam lights, when there is someone in front of the car, we immediately switch to low beam lights to ensure the safety of each other.

Regarding the problem of lamp modification, it may be entangled. The price difference of the headlights on the Internet is too big. There are several dollars to a few hundred yuan, and the materials are different. Halogen lamps, xenon lamps, LED lamps, and even laser lamps. Merchants all claim that their own lamps are bright and effective. How should we choose?

At present, the main types of lamps are halogen lamps, xenon lamps and LED lamps. Halogen lamp is used to inject halogen gas into incandescent lamp, which greatly enhances the life of filament. Energy saving is about 30%, brightness is enough, work is reliable and stable, halogen lamp develops earlier, technology is mature, and the cost is low. Now many cars are used. Halogen lamps are used as lighting.

Halogen headlight
Xenon lamp, developed in the 1990s, the brightness of xenon lamp is three times that of halogen lamp, and the service life is longer, but the start time of xenon lamp is long, and it can be fully illuminated in 2~4 seconds, because the supercharger needs to be put on the car. The 12V power supply is instantly boosted to 23000V, which takes time. The penetration of xenon lamps is not strong, and the foggy weather is unwilling to face xenon lamps. In addition, Xenon lamps have high technical content and high cost, and are generally used in high-end automobiles.

Xenon lamp
LED lamp, high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life, strong plasticity, can be combined into any shape, although the LED lamp has no high Xenon lamp brightness, but the penetrating power is stronger, the energy consumption is extremely low, the current LED lamp technology Mature, mass production, the price is more advantageous than the xenon lamp.

LED light
Now LED lights are a trend, no matter the car, motorcycle electric cars, high-end models will be equipped with LED lights. If the original car is equipped with a halogen lamp and you want to modify it yourself, it is not recommended for xenon lamps. On the one hand, the price is high, and the quality is not guaranteed. On the other hand, the xenon lamp has higher requirements on the lamp bowl, and may be used for the motorcycle lamp bowl. cause some damages. The LED headlights I have modified have high brightness and paving effect is very good. Therefore, if it is modified, it is recommended to choose the LED headlights produced by the regular manufacturers to be modified, and the quality is reliable and durable.