Causes of failure of electric scooters after replacing batteries


In the use of electric scooters, I believe that many us […]

In the use of electric scooters, I believe that many users will encounter various problems, and recently an electric scooters user encountered an intractable problem, that is, he just replaced a new set of batteries for electric scooters, but The scooter is still not far away, and when it is pushed to the repair shop for inspection, all major accessories are normal. This user is very puzzled. So, what is the reason? In fact, this kind of problem is generally related to the following two small accessories.


1. Large shaft screw


The first possibility is that the motor's large shaft screw is loose, which increases the resistance of the motor during operation. Over time, the performance of the motor will decrease rapidly, or even run directly. And this kind of failure is difficult to detect, because in the no-load state, the electric scooter will show a normal shape. Only under the load, the electric car will not run far. So why do the motor shaft screws loose? The most direct reason is that long-term vibration loosens the screws or replaces new tires without tightening the screws. For such problems, the solution is simple. Find the big shaft screw and tighten it to make the electric car run further.


2. Motor bearings


The second possibility is that the bearing of the motor is faulty, which reduces the driving stability of the electric scooter and increases the running resistance, which affects the endurance of the electric scooter and makes it not far away. However, this kind of fault is relatively easy to detect. The user only needs to gently turn the tire with his hand. If the friction is large or there is an abnormal noise, then there is a problem with the bearing. For bearing failure, repair is generally not recommended, because after maintenance, it will not be long before the failure will occur again. Therefore, the problem of electric scooters running not far away can only be solved by replacing new bearings.



In short, if the electric car just runs a new battery and runs not far away, and the detection of large parts is not faulty, it is generally caused by the above two small parts. In fact, for users, as long as the electric car has been used for more than 2 years, it should actively check the two parts of the large shaft screw and the motor bearing. For large shaft screws, you must take the initiative to tighten, rather than waiting until there is a problem, then think of a solution.


Of course, in the normal use process, to develop good habits and strengthen the maintenance of electric scooters can also reduce the probability of such problems to a certain extent. However, if you encounter such problems, you must go to the repair shop for testing and maintenance in a timely manner.