Characteristics of fast-wearing tires


Tire wear not only involves the rubber that is sticky e […]

Tire wear not only involves the rubber that is sticky enough to be worn away, or the pattern is worn away, but also includes a loss process called outgassing.


As the temperature of the Motorcycle Tire increases, the rubber will become softer, which will better fit the road and provide a stronger viscosity to the ground. We all hope that when using tires, it can reach the best working temperature and bring the best grip. But once it is stopped, the tire will cool down from high temperature. This cold-hot-cold cycle is also a process of degassing. During the degassing process, part of the chemical substances in the tire material will become gas and dissipate, thereby changing the chemical composition of the tire. Pay attention to the tires used on the track, most of them will have a blue mark, this mark is the performance of outgassing.


After deaeration, the rubber of the tire will become hard, so there is no way to better fit the ground, nor will it be as sticky as before. Tires designed for track use (usually marked with stickers or words on the tires), at the beginning of the design are considered as tires that will be discarded after only two or three times, which is equivalent to two to three times from cold to The optimal tire temperature and re-cooling cycle, that is, two to three outgassing processes, after which, the chemical composition of the tire will change dramatically and become a completely different tire, which no longer has enough grip.


The tires mainly used in the streets/mountain roads were originally designed to withstand hundreds of degassing processes, greatly extending their service life.


Some people buy tires used by racers to save money. Although some of these tires still have deep patterns, they seem to have a good grip. But in fact, these tires may have experienced the extreme number of outgassing processes, and they are already unbearable. Reluctant to use them will be quite dangerous. Don’t buy them. It’s just right; just to show off your technology in front of friends. This completely ground second-hand tire is quite nonsense.


Generally speaking, tires with fast wear speed have a strong grip, but the cost of use is higher; tires with slower wear speed can be used for a longer time, replacement frequency is low, saving money, but the corresponding grip will not So strong.