Common causes of difficulty in starting a motorcycle engine


The solution to the problem that the motorcycle can't s […]

The solution to the problem that the motorcycle can't start fire:


1. The electric start is usually started after a short start. If you can't hit it two or three times, don't start it. The reason is that the battery always uses the electric start. If it can't be hit, it will easily cause the battery to break, and the battery will be damaged.


2. Take a kick, the temperature in winter is low, and it is easy to catch fire. Then you should close the seal (also called the choke) under normal conditions. It should be pressed to the bottom. When the cold car is started in winter, it should be dialed to the top. Put it in the middle about 15 seconds after the car. When the car is warmed up, it will return to the normal state-press it to the end. This process takes about three to five minutes.


3. Regarding the problem of idle speed, sometimes it is not possible to catch fire, because the idle speed is low. In normal summer, it is enough to look at the number indicator to one grid or more than one point. In winter, it is adjusted to more than one and a half.


4. If there is something wrong with the spark plug, just replace it. Sometimes the oil will drown out. See if there is oil in the spark plug head. If it is wet or not, it will not catch fire.


5. The carburetor is defective. After a long time, the carburetor should be cleaned.


Motorcycle engines are difficult to start. The common reasons are:


1. The gas mixture is too lean. When the cold car starts, the mixture is too lean is one of the reasons for the difficulty of starting. In this case, the enrichment valve should be opened or the carburetor mixture gas concentration should be readjusted. For the LK80T, it should be checked whether the automatic starter is working properly. There is a slight air leakage phenomenon, which generally occurs at the joint of the carburetor and the intake pipe head or the left and right crankcases. Put some soapy water on the joint or joint seam, and it will be visible after a few starts.


2. The carbon deposits of spark plugs are severely "drowned". In both cases, the intensity of the spark will be reduced, making starting difficult. The serious spark plug carbon deposition is mainly caused by poor combustion or too much oil, while being "flooded" is due to the excessively rich mixture.


3. The spark plug electrode gap is too large or too small, affecting the spark intensity.


4. Electronic igniter malfunction. It can be judged by comparing with a peer model electronic pointing device in good working condition.


5. Poor contact or leakage may exist in the wiring of the rest of the ignition system.


6. The magneto ignition coil is not working properly.


7. The ignition system is working normally, but it is still difficult to start, then it is likely that there is a problem with the fuel supply system. In addition to checking whether the oil in the oil tank is mixed with water and whether the oil pipe is unobstructed, the oil supply system mainly checks the carburetor. The carburetor often has too many impurities in the float chamber and blocks the main metering hole to cause poor oil supply.


8. Too much carbon deposits in the exhaust port and exhaust pipe, and the interior of the muffler is too dirty, it is also easy to cause difficulty in starting.