Do motorcycle engines need to be warmed up


In the process of daily motorcycle use, many friends us […]

In the process of daily motorcycle use, many friends use motorcycles to start the motorcycle immediately. It is not clear that the motorcycle starter motor needs to be warmed up. The warming up of the engine is crucial to extending the life of the engine.


Usually, after the motorcycle is placed overnight, the engine oil will return to the crankcase. The piston and the piston ring are basically free of oil lubrication. If you start the motorcycle immediately, it will leave immediately because the cylinder head part lacks enough lubricant for lubrication. After working conditions, the combustion chamber heats up quickly, and the high temperature makes the small amount of oil remaining in the cylinder head unable to bear the high temperature and motorcyclebonizes to dry, which is easy to cause the wear and tear of the piston ring of the middle cylinder piston, making the piston seal insufficient, causing the cylinder head to burn engine oil, and the power decline If you do not pay attention to check the engine oil, it may cause the engine oil to burn out and cause the cylinder to pull out. Especially for old motorcycles over 10,000 kilometers, because the oil pump in the engine of the old motorcycle is worn, the idling preheated oil will not be delivered to the lubricated parts.


Whether a motorcycle saves fuel is closely related to the degree of atomization of the fuel. The better the atomization, the more complete the combustion and the lower the fuel consumption. The temperature of the combustion chamber after preheating is relatively high, and the combustible gas mixture entering the combustion chamber is further atomized by its volatility, so that the fuel exhibits higher efficiency. In an unheated engine, there is almost no such "further atomization" effect.


The purpose of preheating is to let the engine oil lubricate the various parts and make the engine temperature reach the working temperature. Among them, lubrication is the most important. When we start the engine, when the engine oil has not hit the oil pan, it will only be partially lubricated. The engine parts are damaged, but the time is very short, only about one tenth of a second.


If the warm-up time is not enough, it means that less than a minute, it will be damaged because the engine oil has not fully lubricated the entire engine. Conversely, if the warm-up time is too long, it will be like a person or two or 20 minutes to warm up, In addition to wasting gasoline, this will also cause oil and gas to mix into the crankcase or incompletely burned gasoline to form motorcyclebon particles and be mixed in the engine oil. This will accelerate the deterioration of the engine oil and cause motorcyclebon deposits in the cylinder head, pistons, and valves.


After warming up the motorcycle, it will travel about 1 km at a speed of no more than 40 km per hour. The purpose of this is to let the engine reach the working temperature and keep the motorcycle in its best condition at any time.


Therefore, preheating the motorcycle is a necessary process, no matter how stable your motorcycle's idling speed is-do not use the stability of the idling speed to determine whether the hot motorcycle is completed, usually the viscosity of the engine oil is reduced in summer, and the hot motorcycle time is 2 ~ 3 minutes, the viscosity of the engine oil becomes larger in winter, and the preheating time is longer than 3 to 5 minutes. The engine speed should be controlled between 1500-2000 rpm during preheating.