Five bad habits of riding a electric motorcycle


It is inevitable to have bad habits when riding a elect […]

It is inevitable to have bad habits when riding a electric motorcycle, and it is difficult for you to realize it. If you realize that most people try to get rid of it themselves.


Bad habit one: the line of sight is not far enough


On the highway, if the speed is 100 kilometers per hour, it can advance 27 meters per second. If you only look at the road conditions within 27 meters ahead, if there is an emergency, your response and processing time is only 1 second. Many riders seem to ride in a big bubble-they can only see the road conditions and vehicles in close proximity. In case of emergencies, it is difficult to have enough distance and time to deal with it properly.


Solution: Lift your head and look as far away as possible. The American Motorcycle Safety Association (MSF) recommends that riders look ahead for a distance of 12 seconds.


Bad habit two: Do n’t look deep enough when cornering


Many knights do not know what is behind the bend or the corner when entering the bend. Everyone knows that it is much harder to stop a motorcycle quickly than it is in an upright state when it is leaning. If you don't know what is on the corner, how dare you get into the corner?


Solution: Observe. The primary technique for cornering is deceleration-observation-tire pushing-lubrication. The observation is to find in advance whether there are obstacles in the curve. In addition, the motorcycle will drive in the direction of the rider. The next time you ride a bike through a bend, be careful not to just look into the bend with your eyes, but also turn your head and point your nose in the direction you want the bike to go. By doing this, you will be surprised to find that you can master more situations and the cornering will be much smoother.


Bad habit three: the position of the foot on the foot is not suitable


Many knights use the middle or even heel to touch the pedal. What's wrong with this? If the inclination angle is slightly larger, the toes will easily touch the ground. Many times, rubbing your toes may just startle yourself. But once, I not only rubbed my toes, but also rubbed my entire foot out of the pedals, feeling that my toes and ankles were injured. Although it was okay in the end, I paid more attention to cycling in the future.


Solution: Step on the foot with the forefoot (the part behind the toes). This way the feet are far enough from the ground when cornering.


Bad habit four: riding to the limit


Riding to the limit refers to riding to the limit of your own technology, the limit of tire grip, and the limit of motorcycles. Riding on the street, there is no trophy waiting for you at the end, it is best to leave some room in terms of speed and inclination. A car in a blind bend, a child who suddenly runs on the road, a pile of sand, or a sharper bend than you think, are all enough to change your life.


Solution: Ride within your limits. When riding a bike, make sure your skills are stronger than you actually need, and the tire grip is more than what you need to ride. Riding a electric motorcycle, sometimes there is no chance for you to make a second mistake.


Bad habit five: Overestimate your cycling level


When many riders first came to training, they would say how many years and many kilometers they have been riding. But they are strenuous when doing some of the most basic technical training of motorcycles, let alone add some difficulty. Being able to drive in a straight line over a hundred does not mean that you have a strong ability to control a motorcycle. It is recommended that you take part in the safety driving training class and practice the techniques that are rarely used, which can help you avoid motorcycle accidents.


Solution: Never stop learning. You can sign up for a junior or advanced cycling training course nearby. I am already a training instructor, and I am still learning. I participate in advanced training courses so that I can improve my technology in a safe and controllable environment.