Horsepower is the most important performance indicator of the engine


When humans first installed a gasoline engine on a bicy […]

When humans first installed a gasoline engine on a bicycle, it kicked off the most maneuverable and cheapest means of transportation, and human life has been different since then. The engine is the difference between a motorcycle and other two-wheeled vehicles, and it is also the biggest factor that determines the character of a motorcycle. The following brings a series of introductions to the power heart of motorcycles, starting from the concepts of horsepower and torque, and then introducing various common engines. Mastering a motorcycle starts with power.

Engine horsepower is an item that most people will refer to when buying a motorcycle, but what is horsepower? Do you really understand

Horsepower is the most important performance indicator of the engine: When each motorcycle leaves the factory, the horsepower output of the engine on which the motorcycle is equipped must be marked to give buyers a basic reference. What is horsepower, and how do you look at this data? For gasoline engines, intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust are the four most basic strokes. During the combustion process, the chemical energy stored in gasoline is released by combustion, directly applying piston pressure, and The mechanical element crankshaft outputs the energy of rotation.

The engine converts chemical energy into kinetic energy to propel the piston, and then transmits the kinetic energy through the crankshaft.

Does the rotational energy referred to here be horsepower? No! Horsepower is a concept with a unit time. The correct statement is that the energy exploded by the engine in a certain period of time. For example, moving from site A to site B requires 500 units of energy; if a motorcycle with engine A can be completed in one hour, another motorcycle with engine B can take only 30 minutes. Reachable. Although the energy output is the same, the engine that can be completed in a short period of time has greater horsepower. Generally, when a motorcycle is sold, the motorcycle factory will mark the maximum horsepower data of the engine for the motorcycle.