How to choose the best motorcycle tire for your riding style


No tire can be perfect. To maximize the performance of […]

No tire can be perfect. To maximize the performance of a certain aspect, manufacturers will have a purposeful compromise at the beginning of the tire design. As users, we must also learn to compromise. The most expensive tires used by professional racers and even others say that good tires are not necessarily the best choice for you. The tire that best meets your riding needs and is best suited to your riding style is the best tire.


1. The shape of the motorcycle tires. Yes, although they all look similar, the tires actually have different shapes. The two most basic tire shapes are a sharp triangle in the middle and an arc that is very smooth overall.

Triangular tires are more sensitive than curved ones, making steering and flipping motorcycles quite easy, and even giving the rider a feeling that the speed of entering the corner becomes faster; at the same time, when bending, this kind of The shape of the tire has a large contact area with the ground, and the grip is good; the disadvantage is that it will not be stable when running in a straight line, and because this type of tire is relatively scarce, few riders have experience in using it. It would be strange.

Curved tires are less sensitive, but the stability of linear acceleration will be much better. At the same time, the cornering ability of this tire is also good, the body steering and side pressure process is more stable, and it is easier to keep track of the curve in the bend. Most tires are in this shape.

The width of the tire is also an aspect to be considered. Generally speaking, the wider the tire, the better the grip, but the less agile, the harder to steer; the narrower the tire, the opposite will be the case.


Choosing the width of the tire should be related to the amount of grip you need to use. Generally speaking, the liter car has a large power. In order to still have enough grip when cornering, you need to use a rear tire of 190 or wider; Class models don’t have that much power, don’t need that much grip, 180 or even narrower rear tires are enough, and because of the narrower rear tires, the middle-level models’ bend sensitivity is actually Is quite high.


If you are looking for performance and control, don’t change the width of the tires of the vehicle at will. Put 190 tires on the wheels of the original 180 rear tires. Although it looks cool, it will change the handling characteristics of the car to a certain extent. Good thing


2. Materials can be roughly divided into soft materials and hard materials

The advantage of the soft material is that it can withstand a high limit temperature. After reaching the optimal working temperature, the grip and viscosity are extremely strong; the disadvantage is that the time to reach the optimal working temperature is slow, the material is too soft and not wearable, and because of the high viscosity , It is very easy to adsorb sand and small stones, thus affecting the grip.


The advantage of hard materials is that the required working temperature is low, wear-resistant, and it is not easy to absorb road debris; the disadvantage is that it is not easy to become sticky, and it does not have the strong grip of soft materials.