How to extend the service life of electric scooter batteries


Charge time Many electric scooter users think that the […]

Charge time

Many electric scooter users think that the longer the charging time, the more the battery power is. This is wrong. Overcharging for a long time not only consumes electricity, but also easily causes battery deformation and water loss. Generally speaking, the charging time of electric scooters should not exceed 8 hours. Electric scooter users should accurately grasp the charging time. The green light is on, indicating that the battery can be used or basically fully charged, but there is still a gap from 100%. It is recommended that the green light is on After that, continue to float for two hours.

Find the right timing for charging

In order to save trouble, many electric scooter users always wait until the electric scooter is completely exhausted before charging, which will cause certain damage to the battery. In fact, electric scooter users should charge when the remaining electric scooter power is about 30%.

Charger special scooter

Electric scooter batteries have a certain degree of matching. Different batteries and chargers have different matching degrees. Electric scooter charging should be dedicated to chargers. In real life, many electric scooter users do not scootere, and often use other people's chargers to charge. Doing so will make the charging voltage and current mismatch, and it is easy to cause a short circuit or insufficient charging.

Regular deep discharge

It is recommended that electric scooter users perform a deep discharge on average every two months, that is, long-distance riding until the under-voltage indicator flashes and the power is used up, and then charge to restore the battery capacity. Doing so will also let electric scooter users know whether the current battery capacity level needs to be maintained and protected.


It is strictly forbidden to store under power

After use, it should be charged in time, and it can not be left for a long time without power, otherwise the battery plate will be sulfated. The longer the idle state is, the worse the battery is damaged.

In general, whether it is riding to save power, or charging to save power, you have to start with daily details. If you can persist, you can not only save electricity and increase the cruising range, but also extend the service life of electric scooters. Why not do it?

When it comes to electric scooters, everyone naturally thinks of battery life. Electric scooter battery life has always been one of the main topics of concern for electric scooter users. Breaking through the limitations of traditional electric scooter charging, there is now a new model for battery life on the market, replacing "charging" with "electricity replacement", and electric scooter users no longer have to worry about short battery life and poor battery life. The emergence of the power station mode will greatly solve the problem of charging pain for electric scooter users and become the mainstream trend of electric scooter battery life in the future.