How to improve the range of electric scooters


To evaluate the uncomfortable riding of an electric sco […]

To evaluate the uncomfortable riding of an electric scooter, the most critical component is shock absorption. Currently there are hydraulic shock absorbers and spring shock absorbers on the market. Which of these two shock absorbers is more comfortable?

Spring shock absorption is "a tube + a spring", which is cheap. When the scooter vibrates up and down, the spring is pressed down, slowing down the downward speed of the scooter, thereby reducing the bumps caused by the vibration. But the spring bounces back, and the speed of bounce back is still very fast, you will feel obvious bumps when riding.

Let’s talk about hydraulic shock absorption. A hydraulic system is added on the basis of spring shock absorption. The speed of hydraulic oil flowing through the small holes in the shock absorber is used to control the spring rebound speed, thereby controlling the vibration frequency of the scooter and improving the ride. Line comfort. However, the cost of hydraulic shock absorption is relatively high. Therefore, in order to reduce the cost and improve the riding comfort of the scooter, many electric scooters use hydraulic testimony on the front wheels, and spring shock absorption on the rear wheels.

A good shock absorption system cannot improve the riding experience of an electric scooter, but can also improve the impact resistance of the scooter's mechanical structure and increase the service life of the scooter.


As we all know, fast electric scooters have a short range, and slow speeds can run far at a constant speed. But in life, we rarely use electric scooters at a constant speed. What can we do to increase the range of electric scooters?

Pay attention to these three aspects, electric scooters can easily increase the range of 20 kilometers

First of all, electric scooters should drive on roads with no obstacles or congestion, use less horns and brakes, while increasing power consumption and reducing the range;

Secondly, think about the long range of electric scooters, pay attention to the brake adjustment, not too tight or loose, the front and rear tires must be fully inflated, and the battery must be full;

Finally, it is necessary to reduce the load of electric scooters as much as possible, manned riding will obviously shorten the range of electric scooters;

If high quality electric scooters want to ride more mileage, they must change their riding habits. When these three conditions are met, your scooter can travel about 20 kilometers longer than others.