Important accessories for large displacement motorcycles


With the development of the economy, the displacement o […]

With the development of the economy, the displacement of domestic motorcycles has gradually increased, coupled with the introduction of some imported models. At present, the number of large-row motorcycles in China is already very large, and sometimes you can see a large-displacement motorcycle on the street. Those who are familiar with motorcycles should understand that it is difficult to handle general large displacement motorcycles. And ordinary people in life control the motorcycle skills are not as good as the racers on the track, so when driving large displacement motorcycles will be equipped with some accessories.

Today we are talking about a more important accessory on a large displacement motorcycle. However, after installation, daily driving is more tiring, but it can save lives when it is critical. Guess what kind of accessory it is?

In fact, it is very simple. It is often installed between the handlebars of large displacement motorcycles. There is an accessory similar to a small shock absorber. Its name is titanium ruler.

The titanium ruler was originally called a steering damper and is installed on most cars. However, the name has been changed on motorcycles. At present, many domestic riders call it "titanium ruler" or "handlebar stabilizer". Such accessories are usually installed on large displacement street cars or sports cars.

Its function is to prevent the handlebar of the motorcycle from swinging back and forth. We can imagine that during the high-speed driving of the motorcycle, because the rear wheels are started, and the motorcycle is also a large displacement, when the starting power or acceleration is accelerated, the front wheels will be raised, and when they land, the road may be uneven. Causes the direction to shift.

When the front wheel of a motorcycle shifts after landing, it will definitely cause the direction of the head to shift, and the speed of the vehicle is fast, which is easy to cause danger. Therefore, in order to prevent the front wheel from swinging left and right to cause the direction to shift when landing, the titanium ruler can block the left and right swing of the wheel, stabilize the front as much as possible, and avoid risks.

Anyone who is familiar with large-row motorcycles should have heard of death sway, and the most fundamental reason for death sway is the deviation of the head when landing, or the left and right shake. When encountering death swing, if it is not a highly skilled racer, ordinary people are very dangerous. If a titanium ruler is installed, the handlebar will be stabilized, the body will be stabilized at the critical moment, and the danger will be minimized. Can save lives.

However, after the titanium ruler is installed, the damping strength of the handlebar will also increase during daily driving, so it feels more tired to twist the handlebar. However, at this stage, the titanium ruler has been updated, and the damping will not be very large when driving at low speeds. The damping strength will gradually increase as the speed increases.

However, I still feel a bit tired for daily riding. However, in general, titanium rulers are more useful for large displacement sports street cars or sports cars. Although daily cycling is a bit tiring, but it can save lives at critical moments, which is better.