Motorcycle ABS brake system is a very important configuration


The development of motorcycles is becoming more and mor […]

The development of motorcycles is becoming more and more mature, the displacement is getting higher and higher, and the driving speed of vehicles is getting faster and faster. The quality of the brake system of the vehicle is directly related to the life safety of the driver. From small displacement to large displacement on the market now The cars that are equipped with more locomotives are all equipped with ABS Brake system, which may not be used at ordinary times, but they can really save lives at critical times.




The principle of the motorcycle ABS brake system is similar to that of the car, except that the car has 4 wheels, and the motorcycle has 2 wheels. Both wheels of the motorcycle are equipped with ABS induction rings, and there are sensors on the induction ring. The sensor senses the rotation speed of the wheels on both sides. If a wheel slips, the ABS pump will be activated, which will then intervene in the process of interfering with the brake, changing from direct lock to high-speed brake. This action can avoid uncontrolled steering and side slip during emergency braking, while increasing tire friction and making braking efficiency reach more than 90%.


The principle of "automatic anti-lock braking" is not difficult to understand. In an emergency, a vehicle that does not have an ABS system can't step on the brakes and can only immediately step on to death. Due to the vehicle's sprint inertia, dangerous situations such as side slip, deviation of the driving trajectory and uncontrolled body direction may occur in an instant!


Among motorcycle products within 100,000, there are also high-end and low-end models. If the difference between high-low and low-end is ABS, the difference is generally around 3000 yuan, and some are slightly higher between ABS and non-ABS. The price difference is generally less than 5,000 yuan. At this time, some people will be entangled in whether they want to add money to ABS models. In fact, under such a choice, try to choose high-end models with ABS.


The following are the opinions of some riders on the ABS motorcycle parts:


1. No matter how good the brake technology is, it is because in an instant, people's instinct is to brake, and the brake strength can no longer be taken into account.


2. It's better to have ABS. It's like a seat belt. After driving 200KM / H to the rear and hitting the wall, it didn't run. . . Where are you going to walk by the river? More security is still better.


3. There was also an accident recently, and the driver's reaction was that ABS could not stop the car. It may be that the driver does not like the control of the ABS car, or it may be that the road is relatively bad. In short, ABS is not omnipotent, too fast speed is useless, safety still depends on the driver's consciousness.


4. ABS does not mean that there is a death-free gold medal. When driving a motorcycle, it is expected to fall. Unlike the four wheels, the four wheels can really drive for many years without accidents. Two rounds, without falling, do not understand driving.


5. Ten accidents and nine fast! But without ABS, there will be more accidents. These safety devices are provided for driving safety, but they are not decisive, mainly because of the driver's subjective safety awareness. But when choosing the configuration, are you willing to spend a little more money to choose a car with ABS? Security configuration, I think it is better than nothing.

Motorcycle ABS is a very important configuration. During the driving process, the car has four wheels on the ground and has a relatively large adhesion, while the motorcycle has only two wheels on the ground, and the ground is not as good as the car, so It is said that as long as there are foreign objects on the road surface or the braking force is too large, it may cause skidding and overturning.


All in all, the ABS brake system of motorcycle parts is a kind of protection technology to ensure the safety of our drivers. In the process of buying motorcycles, if there are models equipped with ABS in the models that can be selected, it is recommended to buy ABS models because ABS is really not a bells and whistles, but a configuration that can really save the car.