Motorcycle wheel frame forging is better than casting


What is casting? After the metal is smelted into a liqu […]

What is casting?

After the metal is smelted into a liquid, it is poured into the model. After it is cooled and solidified, the casting is taken out from the model, and the removed casting is called a blank and needs to be trimmed. Most of the materials to be cast are metals (such as iron, copper, aluminum, etc.), and the materials of the molds are mainly divided into three types: sand, metal and ceramics; they are often used to manufacture mechanical parts with complex shapes or subjected to static loads and compressive stresses.

Why is wheel frame forging better than casting?

The price of casting wheels is relatively close to the people.

Advantages: low mold cost, low processing cost, and good efficiency in manufacturing castings with complex shapes

Disadvantages: bubbles due to unpressurized, large tolerances, low casting strength, and serious environmental pollution

What is forging?

It is to heat the metal billet to the ideal working temperature and apply an external force to change its shape, density, mechanical properties and grain structure. The processed forgings must be trimmed. According to the workpiece temperature section during processing, it can be divided into three types: hot forging, warm forging and cold forging. Often used to manufacture mechanical parts that withstand large dynamic loads.

When modifying a vehicle, forged wheels are often the murderer of the owner's purse!

Advantages: reduce bubbles and change grain structure due to pressurization, less tolerance, higher forging strength

Disadvantages: Due to the high cost of the mold, it is not suitable for small-scale production, the process is complicated, and the shape complexity is limited.

Why is wheel forging better than casting?

Because forgings are high in strength and density and can withstand higher stresses, forged wheels are lighter in weight than rigidly cast casting wheels. The advantages of lightweight wheels are as follows:

Reduces energy consumption by transferring the engine to the rear wheels, thereby increasing acceleration performance

Reduce unsprung mass, better suspension response, improved road quality and improved brake performance

Due to the light weight of the hub and uniform mass distribution, the gyro effect of the wheel set is reduced and the handling performance of the vehicle is improved.

The same brand of the same model of the car, according to the aluminum alloy casting wheel can also see the level of hardware configuration. Also all this car, the wheel of the top car is very more stylish and more stylish, and the low-profile wheel looks always a little common.

The fineness of the polishing process of the aluminum alloy casting wheel can see the complexity of the processing technology. Casting aluminum alloy wheels will also carry out surface layer processing. The specific methods include three kinds of forged wheels, such as painting, painting and electroplating.

Painting and painting process casting aluminum alloy wheels are more in the market because of their medium price and durability. The electroplating process of aluminum alloy casting wheels, although better in appearance, is more eye-catching, but it is quite inconvenient to clean in the middle and late stages.