Start relay function


1. Introduction to motorcycle electrical system: igniti […]

1. Introduction to motorcycle electrical system: ignition system, lighting system, signal system, starting system

Introduction to the function of starting relay for motorcycle

2. The composition of the startup system:

Start system: It consists of magneto, battery, start relay, starter motor, start button and so on.

3. The role of the start relay:

The starting relay is one of the components of the starting system. In the vehicle, the main function is to control the high current mode to start the motor rotation, which drives the internal magneto rotor to rotate, and inputs the ignition pulse signal to the igniter to generate electricity. Sparks, ignite the mixed gas in the cylinder and do work. Advantages: The electric start system (battery, starter relay, starter motor) replaces the original foot start mode, saving effort and easy operation.

The difference between power measurement data HP, BHP and WHP

Horsepower is the value of the engine's power output, and BHP is the measured value of the tire's power to the ground. The engine power is the BHP after the loss through the transmission system, water pump, current converter, gear box and so on.

In summary, BHP is a more refined and more accurate measurement of vehicle power output than HP. Whenever you judge the power of a car, try to use BHP as the standard. Because there are many models with high engine power, because the transmission system is too garbage, (example: Cadillac CTS) causes the power to lose too much during the transmission process, and the final BHP data is not satisfactory.

How to measure BHP? The measuring instrument of BHP is called Engine shaft.

There are also many reasons why many magazines have different vehicle power results: they measure the WHP (Wheel Horse Power). The specific measurement method is to tie the car or motorcycle to a treadmill-like tester and then use it for shifting. Throttle, measuring how much work is done on the drive belt by the wheels in different gears. This kind of test best reflects the real power of the vehicle and is the most trustworthy result. However, because the instruments of different magazines test vehicles are different, the same vehicle has subtle differences. So the results are basically inconsistent.