The authenticity identification of the wheel hub


As we all know, the wheel hub is one of the most import […]

As we all know, the wheel hub is one of the most important safety parts in the car, the pressure to withstand the weight of the car and the load, and the irregularity of the dynamic load from different directions, such as turning, bumpy road surface, obstacle impact, etc. Forced, it will cause damage to the wheel hub, need to repair the wheel hub, when you choose the wheel hub, you need to identify the true and false to avoid the great safety hazard to the driving safety.

What are the identification methods for wheels?

Under normal circumstances, the high imitation and counterfeit wheel hubs are very rough, and their precision is not high. Therefore, the corners and corners of the wheel hub have burrs, and at the same time, the original cost of the wheel will be sprayed with the same color at home and abroad. Counterfeit and high imitation wheels have very large internal and external chromatic aberrations due to cost problems. It is easy to distinguish between original and counterfeit wheels from the appearance and workmanship.

Whether it is the original manufacturer's wheel or counterfeit wheel, there are wheel hub brand, origin and other related data on the back of the wheel hub. These data fonts in the original manufacturer's wheel hub can not be imitated by the counterfeit wheel, so the owner will buy his own car when buying the wheel hub. The wheel on the wheel is removed, compared with the purchased wheel, if the font is not the same, think twice.

Counterfeit and forged wheels are very different from the original wheels because of the different cost and process. Therefore, when buying the wheels, the owner will remove the wheels on the original car and compare the wheels to be purchased. The weight of the two wheels is different, and the wheel that the merchant gives you has a problem.