The details that must be paid attention to when choosing electric scooter tires


Is it better to have inner tubes or tubeless tires for […]

Is it better to have inner tubes or tubeless tires for electric scooters?


The answer, of course, is that tubeless tyres are better. Firstly, tubeless tires can be installed, indicating that the tightness of the steel rim is better, and the second tire has good airtightness and the tire has a wider bead. If you have tubeless tyres, try to choose tubeless tyres. I believe this is not difficult for everyone to understand. First, tubeless tyres should have a relatively wider grip area, better sealing, and more wear-resistant tubeless tyres. Another advantage is that if you accidentally pierce the nail, do not pull the nail out. Tubeless tire leaks are very slow, and will only slowly fade, enough to support us to ride the scooter to the repair place to repair the tire. , And repairing a tire is relatively convenient.


If you just pierce small nails, just add a bottle of self-rehydration, and you don’t need to pay attention to small things later. If there is an inner tube, it will be more troublesome. Once the nail is pierced, it will soon be out of breath and can only be implemented. If the maintenance place is a little further away, even if it is implemented, the inner tube and the outer tire may be scrapped. Of course, there is no tubeless tyre like a simple electric scooter. With this limitation, there is no choice.



There are also price differences for tires of the same brand with different patterns. When choosing an electric scooter, pay attention to the tire storage time not too long. So how do we know how old the tires on the scooter are?


In fact, there is a very simple way, that is, we look at the certification of electric scooters. All scooters must have a certificate before leaving the factory, with the production date marked on it. Although this date is not the production date of the tire, it is still relatively close to the installation date of the tire. If it is said that a scooter’s certificate, the date of manufacture printed on it, differs from the date of purchase by more than one year, then at least this tire has been stored for more than a year. What are the disadvantages of tires for a long time? There are still some shortcomings. The tires are rubber products. The rubber has no toughness after being used for a long time. It is definitely not abrasion resistant, and there will be some traces of cracks. Although there is no air leakage at the time, the tires are easy to drum or slightly after using for a period of time. Deformation, resulting in unstable driving and large shaking.