The importance of wearing a motorcycle helmet


Motorcycles and motorcycle protectors have long become […]

Motorcycles and motorcycle protectors have long become one of the main tools for transportation participants, especially rural transportation participants. While providing fast and convenient travel for people, motorcycles not only bring hidden dangers to traffic safety because of the weak traffic safety awareness of traffic participants It even threatens people's lives.


Why is the death rate of motorcycles so high? one of the reasons! That is to not wear a helmet in accordance with the regulations, or just buy a "fake helmet" of unqualified quality, causing a tragedy!


According to a data provided by the traffic management department, the death rate of motorcycle accidents is 450 per 100,000, while the death rate of car accidents is only 0.19 per 100,000.


The high mortality rate of motorcycle accidents may be caused by helmets!


(1) Failure to wear helmets as required:


According to the regulations of the current road traffic safety law in our country, driving and riding a two-wheeled motorcycle must wear a safety helmet. This is the most basic safety regulation, after all, the head can be regarded as the most important body part.


Imagine that if motorcycle drivers and passengers do not wear safety helmets as required, they do not protect such important body organs. Once a traffic accident occurs and the head is hit hard, it is difficult to say whether they can finally save their lives.


But what about the reality? In many third- and fourth-tier cities and regions, including urban-rural junctions and rural areas in some large and medium-sized cities, motorcycle drivers and passengers who do not wear safety helmets can often be found.


(2) The use of unqualified helmets and protective gear


Compared to the behavior of driving a motorcycle without wearing a safety helmet at all, the following situation seems to be more common. Many motorcycle drivers or passengers, either for economic reasons, or find it troublesome, or purely to fool the inspection of the traffic police, wear a "helmet" that does not meet the specifications while driving and riding a motorcycle, and construct a helmet Usually it became their first choice to replace the "helmet".


But as everyone knows, construction helmets and motorcycle safety helmets are very different in structure and material, and the scope of protection is different; for example, construction helmets mainly protect the top of the head, usually used to protect against injuries caused by falling objects. .

The motorcycle protectors can protect the top, front and sides of the head. In addition, the impact area that the construction helmet can withstand and the cushioning force it can provide are significantly smaller than the motorcycle helmet, so it can be said that it is almost useless to replace the helmet with a helmet.


Admittedly, the danger of motorcycles exists objectively, but if the driver and passengers can be well protected and at the same time strictly abide by the traffic regulations when riding on the road, the possibility of a traffic accident will be greatly reduced, even if it is physical Injuries are not directly life-threatening.


After repeated experiments, the experts proved that the head was violently hit when the accident occurred, and the helmet can effectively protect the head.


Because of the helmet's smooth hemisphere, the impact force can be dispersed and absorbed, and the deformation or cracks of the helmet and the cushion can also play a buffer role and can also absorb part of the energy.


It is estimated that the head of a person can generally withstand the impact force of 450 kg. These functions of the safety helmet can reduce the impact force by about 1850 kg, so the actual impact force on the head is only about 400 kg. In addition, the bright and eye-catching color of the safety helmet can also attract the attention of the driver of the other party when meeting or overtaking. This shows how important the role of the safety helmet is!


Wearing a helmet does not protect you from the wind and dust. It protects your head. Accidents from motorcycles cause accidents. The death caused by poor head protection accounts for 94% of motorcycle deaths. For yourself and your family, please take necessary safety precautions.


The best protective function is the full motorcycle protectors, followed by the open helmet, 3/4 helmet, half helmet. The full helmet not only protects the head and face, but also protects the neck. The neck is limited and the accident is not prone to cause an excessive angle and fracture.