The main function of motorcycle battery


In fact, motorcycle battery do have some secrets. If yo […]

In fact, motorcycle battery do have some secrets. If you know these secrets well, it will improve its performance and prolong its service life in later use. If you ignore these secrets, the battery will Premature scrapping


1. Power supply.motorcycle battery It is not the main power supply for motorcycles, it is only an auxiliary power supply for motorcycles, and the real main power supply for motorcycles is a generator. If the main power supply is damaged, the motorcycle battery will lose power, so when the battery loses power When power is on, the generator and charging system should be checked first.


2. Electrolytes, motorcycles are divided into dry batteries and water batteries. Many riders think that dry batteries do not have electrolytes. In fact, this kind of perception is wrong. No matter what type of lead-acid battery, the main internal The components must be lead and acid, and only then can it play its role.


It's just that the production process of dry battery and water battery is different. The electrolyte has been added to the motorcycle battery when the dry battery is shipped from the factory, and the water battery needs to be added later.


The secret of a water battery is involved here. The level of the electrolyte must be added to the upper line when the water battery is installed. If it exceeds or is too low, it will affect the service life of the battery, and the new battery must be quiet when it is first used. After half an hour, if necessary, it needs to be charged.


3. The rechargeable battery is also particular about charging. First, the voltage is not easy to be adjusted too high during charging. As far as possible, it should be charged with a small current for a long time. Secondly, during the charging process, the battery cover must be removed, and also Keep away from heat and fire. Otherwise, there is a danger of explosion.


4. Lifetime.You may have encountered a battery in the process of using the battery. The newly replaced battery will be scrapped after a short period of time. The main reason for this phenomenon is actually directly related to a part in the motorcycle charging system.


It is a rectifier regulator. If the rectifier regulator is slightly damaged, the voltage fluctuation range of the charging system will be relatively large. Under this premise, the battery will run out of power and overcharge, so when the motorcycle battery is not durable When the phenomenon occurs, the rectifier regulator should be replaced decisively.


The above are some "secrets" about motorcycle batteries. After mastering these secrets, the service life of the motorcycle battery will be improved in the later period of use, and the cause can be found immediately after a failure.