The most energy-efficient use method of electric scooters


Recently, some electric scooter users have such a quest […]

Recently, some electric scooter users have such a question, that is, how to use electric scooters to save electricity most? Regarding this question, let me explain it in detail below. In fact, if you want an electric scooter to be durable, you only need to learn the following 4 ways. The electric scooter will run 15km more at least once!

1. The speed is controlled at about 20km/h

First of all, for electric scooters, the power consumption per hour is different. According to related tests, the faster the speed of the electric scooter, the higher the power consumption, and when the speed is about 20km/h, the power consumption is the lowest and the most power saving. Therefore, for users, if the speed of electric scooters is controlled at about 20km/h, the battery life of electric scooters will be extended to the greatest extent.

2. Don't start fast

Secondly, for electric scooters, don't make a big jump. Why do you say that? Because if an electric scooter adopts a fast start, the instantaneous power consumption will increase, which is several times the power consumption of ordinary driving, so for users, a slow acceleration method should be used, which will save a lot of power. So as to extend the battery life.



3. Reduce the frequency of emergency stops

In addition, for electric scooters, the frequency of sudden stops must be reduced. Why do you say that? This is because when the user adopts the emergency stop mode, the cruising range of the electric scooter will be shortened. In addition, when electric scooters start again, power consumption will increase. Therefore, for users, in no emergency, they should brake slowly to protect the battery and extend its battery life and service life.

4. Drive at a constant speed

Finally, for electric scooters, it is best to maintain a constant speed. Because at this time, the motor runs the most stable, and the battery power consumption will be the lowest, and the corresponding battery life will be extended to the greatest extent. Therefore, for users, a uniform speed should be adopted to protect the battery to the greatest extent and extend its battery life.

In short, for users, controlling the speed at about 20km/h, not starting too fast, reducing the frequency of sudden stops, and driving at a constant speed will help extend the battery life of electric scooters. And users learn these points, it is not a problem to run 15km more. Of course, you should also develop good charging and discharging habits in your daily life, such as not mixing chargers, fast charging, overcharging, and overdischarging.