The workmanship of details directly affects the riding experience of the motorcycle


At present, the sales of domestic motorcycles are incre […]

At present, the sales of domestic motorcycles are increasing, and most of them are young people, and these people need more than just traveling tools, but also a riding texture that can bring them fun. Motorbike can bring people a sense of being more integrated with nature, and when riding a motorcycle, you can feel the fastness of a motorcycle and the feeling of unity of people and vehicles during riding. But where can I experience the riding texture?

Frame rigidity

In terms of frame rigidity, if you are not a veteran of many years, you generally don't feel much. However, the gap between entry-level cars and top-level cars will still have a more intuitive feeling. The price is there after all. It is the so-called penny. During the riding process, because various posture changes of the vehicle will be stressed, and the frame will be slightly deformed during the force, the vehicle with high rigidity of the frame can better cope with various situations.

Workmanship in the details

The fineness of workmanship is the texture that is brought to people under static conditions, and part of it will also affect the riding texture. For example, the details of the keys on the handlebar are exquisitely crafted, and they feel very good when operated. If the workmanship is rough, the touch of the buttons on the handlebar is naturally not so good. Different feelings naturally have different riding textures.

Full of motivation

The feeling of power is positively related to the displacement of the vehicle, which means that the larger the displacement, the greater the power of the motorcycle, so there is a saying in the motorcycle: displacement is king. It can reflect the position of displacement in the model experience. When riding, the feeling of power pulling is equivalent to the back pushing feeling of the car, which directly affects the feeling of the car.

Configuration of the brake

Powerful cars can make the vehicle speed up and top speed very quickly, but in addition to running, stopping is also important. The size of the matching brake caliper and brake disc of a general motorcycle is related to the positioning of the vehicle. If the braking configuration is sufficient, you will be very confident when braking. If the braking performance is poor, you will not dare to drive too fast, which directly affects the riding texture.

The above four aspects can intuitively reflect the texture of motorcycles. Generally speaking, high-end motorcycles are expensive. Those motorcycles that are positioned high-end, focusing on comfort and sport are indeed better than regular motorcycles.