Things to pay attention to when changing the hub


It is understood that there are more and more private m […]

It is understood that there are more and more private motorcycles equipped with personalized wheels, which has become a popular item in the automotive modification industry. According to reports, compared to iron wheels, aluminum alloy wheels are lighter in weight, higher in manufacturing accuracy, and stronger in strength. It is beneficial to improve the straight-line driving performance of the motorcycle, and the corresponding fuel consumption will be reduced.

Generally, the modification of automobile wheels is for the purpose of improving motorcycle performance and pursuing beautiful appearance. The modification of wheels has gradually become popular in recent years. Replacement of aluminum alloy wheels to improve motorcycle performance, many young people tend to pursue personality Therefore, the form of the original wheel hub of the automobile is stable and cannot meet the individual needs of some motorcycle owners for new and innovative. Therefore, the demand for various types of individual wheel hubs is increasing.

When replacing the wheel hub, the owners have changed the size and width of the original wheel hub of the motorcycle, making full use of the advantages of wide tires, increasing comfort and grip. From the perspective of technical cooperation and parameter guidance, no company in the market has reached wheel modification. Must be understood before replacement, there is a guide to technical parameters.

Random replacement of motorcycle wheels will destroy the factory data. After blind modification, not only the fuel consumption of the motorcycle will increase, but the power and braking effects will be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to consider motorcycleefully if the replacement of an inappropriate wheel hub will increase the wheel hub. Wear and tear, which brings great hidden dangers to the safety of the motorcycle, will greatly reduce the comfort of the motorcycle.

Inadvertently installing inferior wheels will not only bring hidden safety hazards, but also threaten the lives of others. Traffic accidents often occur due to inferior wheels. How to identify the authenticity and inferiority of automobile wheels? It is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. It requires professional instruments to measure. It is difficult to see the authenticity of the wheel from the outside. Some quality parameters of the wheel can only be measured by professional instruments.

Most of the wheels are made by casting and forging. Some lightweight materials can also be used. You can knock on the wheel and judge the quality of the wheel simply by the sound is crisp. The workmanship of the wheels produced by regular manufacturers is similar. The main reason is that the materials are different. Therefore, the price is also different. Owners should collect information from multiple aspects when purchasing, or invite experts to guide.

The visual impression of the clean appearance of the wheel hub is more prominent, and it will also increase the service life of the wheel hub. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly maintain the crystal form at regular intervals, check and clean the oil, and use clean water to clean the wheel hub. After the wheel cools, it can be cleaned. During the running of the motorcycle, the wheel hub and tire brake pads will friction and heat. Immediate washing with water will cause the wheel hub material to change, which will easily cause the outer layer of paint to discolor.