What are the benefits of motorcycle chain drive


Many people still choose to travel by motorcycle, becau […]

Many people still choose to travel by motorcycle, because electric vehicles still have to worry about the lack of electricity. When driving a car, it is really blocked for the current traffic. Nowadays, motorcycles on the market are basically driven by chains, and many riders don't understand it. Why don't manufacturers make a rotating shaft? Is it because of the expensive finished rotating shaft? The maintenance cycle of the rotating shaft is still relatively long and durable, but why use chain drive when designing a motorcycle?


In fact, the most fundamental willingness is still mainly based on low-displacement motorcycles. If the drive chain is used to drive, the production cost is also very low. It is still based on the most fundamental economy, because the cost is low and the power loss is relatively small. In addition, many low-displacement motorcycles are also liked by many users, and low-displacement motorcycles with shaft transmission are really rare. Generally, shaft transmissions are used on more high-end motorcycles, but they can be bought. There are still very few people with such high-end motorcycles, so there are also motorcycles with shaft transmission, but they will never become mainstream.


Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of shaft drive and chain drive. For shaft transmission, the advantages are long service period, no stains, and long maintenance period, but even if the cost is relatively high, there are certain requirements for the material. The shaft rotation belongs to the mechanical principle, and a horizontal torque will be formed when high-speed force is applied. , The car body will tilt in the direction of shaft rotation, and it will affect the stability of the car body, which is not suitable for high-turn machinery. This is why some racing cars will use Liantian transmission.


Besides, the lower chain rotates, the price of the chain rotation is very low, and its effect of absorbing vibration is also very good. It is mainly used on motorcycles of various displacements, but it also has obvious disadvantages. Between the chain and the sub-disk gear The friction is easily elongated and requires regular maintenance, which is why it causes oil stains and loud sounds.


Therefore, in the process of using the Motorcycle Parts, it is necessary to adjust the tightness of the chain in time. The transmission effect of the lubricated chain is much stronger than that of the transmission shaft. Transmission is the first transmission device for ordinary motorcycles.


However, many tricycles in our country are now using shaft rotation, because tricycles will be very troublesome if they use chain transmission. But for motorcycles, it's different. The chains on motorcycles are easy to install on two wheels, and they are still very fast.


Not all motorcycles are driven by chains. Many motorcycles on the road will also use the transmission shaft as the power of the vehicle, and some even use belt transmission as the source of power.


It just means that the mainstream motorcycle manufacturers now use chains. This is actually based on economic considerations. The structure of the chain drive is relatively simple, and the cost will be lower when it is manufactured.


On the other hand, the chain drive directly connects the wheels to the Motorcycle Engine Parts. This structure has a lower kinetic energy loss. If a drive shaft is used, the forces generated by the engine can only be combined through a corner connection . A certain amount of wear will occur when used.


In addition, the manufacturing of the transmission shaft is relatively large. Furthermore, if the scooter uses the transmission shaft as the power system, the transmission shaft itself is relatively bulky, and a tooth bag must be designed before and after the design. After multiple changes of power, the loss is even greater, and if the transmission shaft is broken, it is very troublesome to maintain it, so the transmission shaft is excluded.