What are the incentives for electric scooter spontaneous combustion


Recently, many news events of spontaneous combustion of […]

Recently, many news events of spontaneous combustion of new energy scooters have become a hot spot in the industry. Whether it is Tesla, which is the leader of the new energy scooter industry, or the domestic brand that later ranks, there have been many accidents caused by spontaneous combustion. Regarding the safety of electric scooters, it has once again become the focus of public opinion, and electric scooters have once again been pushed to the cusp. So, what are the precautions for daily use of electric scooters? What about spontaneous combustion?


Spontaneous combustion has many incentives, choose a stable product


The incentives for the spontaneous combustion of electric scooters are basically divided into three types:


The first one is that the battery components are subject to fatal injuries such as puncture due to collision accidents. Part of the battery electrolyte reacts with the negative electrode, and then the positive electrode and electrolyte will decompose, resulting in a large-scale short circuit and thermal runaway.



The second reason is that the external temperature is too high or the internal heat dissipation of the battery pack leads to spontaneous combustion. This is generally related to the temperature control system. The failure of the temperature control system causes overheating and spontaneous combustion.



The last one is the chemical inducement, which is similar to the principle of a large-scale explosion in a certain brand of mobile phones before, all due to spontaneous ignition caused by battery short-circuit during charging and discharging. When the electric scooter is overcharged, it may cause the metal of the positive electrode to dissolve and the electrolyte to oxidize and decompose, and eventually the battery heats up and expands and catches fire.


From the current point of view, the replacement of electric scooters is faster. To avoid battery problems, it is best to choose relatively reliable products.