What does the hole in the brake disc of a motorcycle do


Many people have been curious why the brake discs of mo […]

Many people have been curious why the brake discs of motorcycles have many holes, while the disc brake discs of cars are basically discs. Are brake discs with holes weaker than brake discs without holes? What is the effect of having many holes on the brake disc?

Like the drum brake, the disc brake has a large contact area, but the heat dissipation ability is very poor. The dust on the surface is difficult to fly out and often overheats, which causes the braking ability to decrease, the brake beam and even the brake pads and damage the brake. This is why punched disc brakes were born.

The perforated disc brake is thinner than the non-perforated disc brake. The non-perforated disc brake adopts a wave shape, etc. to increase the exposed area of ​​the air and enhance heat dissipation. Perforated brake discs make the brakes more stable and can operate under all road conditions.

The small holes in the brake disc can accelerate the flow of air on both sides of the disc body, thereby taking away more heat and maintaining a better constant braking performance. Dirt or water attached to the small holes is easier to fly away, and the contact area between the brake pads and the surface of the brake disc is larger and more uniform.

During the work of the brake disc, the brake caliper and the brake disc are brought into high-speed contact, causing the vibration of the two to emit a sharp noise. By punching the hole, the natural frequency can be changed to avoid resonance, thereby reducing vibration and noise and extending life.

Large holes can reduce the mass of the brake disc. The lighter the vehicle weight within a certain range, the higher the braking efficiency.

In addition, these small holes also disperse the braking force and the temperature of the brake disc to help minimize heat or cracking problems at a certain point on the brake disc. In addition, new material technology can do better, with more durable, stronger and faster brake discs.

But it is not always better to perforate blindly. Too many perforations will affect the strength of the brake disc, leading to a low life, so everything has a degree.