Which parts of the motorcycle need to be replaced regularly


As the saying goes, the more the machine is worn, the m […]

As the saying goes, the more the machine is worn, the more durable it is, just like a car or a motorcycle, it is easy to break if it is left there without being driven or riding. Nowadays, the role of motorcycles is slowly undergoing some changes, from being a tool of production and life at the beginning to being more of a motorcycle with a playful nature.

If the motorcycle has not been used for two years, some parts may have performance degradation. Therefore, the motorcycle must be inspected when the motorcycle is started again, and the corresponding parts need to be replaced, so that the later use of the entire motorcycle will be more powerful. The items to be replaced and checked are as follows.

1. Engine oil

Motorcycle Oil Systems has a certain service life, and its performance will decrease with the increase of time and kilometers. It needs to be replaced when one of the time and kilometers needs to be replaced. After parking for two years , Even if the engine oil was changed two years ago, it needs to be replaced when it is reused two years later.

2. Battery

Even when the motorcycle is parked, the battery is slowly losing power, because the generator will not work after the motorcycle is turned off. In this case, the power in the battery will only decrease. It will become completely without electricity.

If you recharge it in a short period of time, you can save the battery, but if it is left for a year, the battery may completely fail due to a long time without electricity. If you want to restart the motorcycle, you need to replace the battery.



3. Motorcycle Tyres

Motorcycle tires are made of rubber. Generally speaking, the standard for tire replacement is also measured by kilometers and time. If it is a motorcycle that is parked for a long time, because one side of the tire is always facing the ground, plus long-term parking The lack of air will harden and crack over time, causing the tire to be replaced when you want to ride again.

If you use it again, there is a risk of a tire blowout, and because the rubber hardens for too long, and there is no original grip, it needs to be replaced.

4. Chain

Motorcycle chain is the mechanism of motorcycle transmission. It needs cleaning and maintenance during use, otherwise it will reduce performance and age. The same motorcycle chain that has been placed for a long time will also be aging if it has not been oiled for maintenance. And cause performance degradation.

After two years, the chain may be completely rusty. At this time, in order to restore the original performance of the motorcycle, it is necessary to replace the chain.

If the motorcycle is not used for a long time, to keep the paint always fresh and beautiful, it is best to apply a layer of wax on the surface. If it is made of rubber, use a rubber protective agent. For those metals that are not painted, apply a layer of wax. For rust inhibitor, different protection measures should be used for different parts, which is more conducive to long-term storage.

For motorcycles, parking for a long time will cause damage. If conditions permit, you can start the motorcycle at regular intervals. The interval can be a week or half a month. This can prevent the motorcycle from being damaged. Damage caused by long-term parking.